keskiviikko 13. maaliskuuta 2013


Tässä muutama kysymys huomisesta pubivisailustamme:


1.       Born in California, I became famous when I starred in 7 movies and two television show episodes but died less than 18 years old. Who was I?
2.       In February 2009 the newspapers reported that the Gardai had issued many speeding tickets to a Mr. “Prawo Jazdy”.  Why was that newsworthy? 

3.       J.K. Rowling wrote  the Harry Potter books, what does the K stand for ?

5.       In the Chronicles of Narnia what is the name of the lion ? 

6.       Who was the author of the Noddy children’s books?

7.        U2 is of course the biggest selling Irish musical act of all time, which is the second biggest ?
8.       Who was the last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who had no wife ? 

9.       Which manufacturing company produces the largest number or tyres each year ?

10.  Nokia is a well known brand of mobile phone, can you tell us what other product Nokia are more famous for in their native Finland ? 

11.      What was ABBA’s only number one hit in the USA ? 

12.       What is “Dihydrogen Monoxide” more commonly known as? 

13.      What were the events that Oscar Pistorius competed in in the 2012 Olympics? 

 Osa kysymyksistä on kompakysymyksiä. Lisäksi tulee vielä kuva-arvoituksia, musiikintunnistusta ja munkinsyöntikilpailu: jokainen joukkue valitsee kilpailijan, jonka on syötävä tuore munkki nuolaisematta kertaakaan huuliaan. Ihan ja täysin mahdotonta, olen nimittäin kokeillut!

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